Careers assessment (also called careers or vocational counselling) allows clients to discuss their individual aspirations, needs, and career objectives, and provides guidance and recommendations for potential suitable careers. This service can be particularly useful to teenagers and young adults who will soon be entering tertiary education or the workforce, or for adults who are considering a career change.

The assessment process will take into account individual cognitive abilities, career interests and objectives, values, and personality characteristics. Each assessment will be tailored to the client’s unique needs and qualities in order to support their career planning.

Clients will receive the following:

·         An opportunity to discuss their goals and objectives

·         Assessment of their personality characteristics, interests, and values

·         A cognitive assessment to identify individual strengths and weaknesses (optional)

·         A feedback session to discuss the outcome and to provide guidance for further action

·         A written report including the results of the assessment, potential suitable careers, and recommendations