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​​Our bedwetting program is effective in supporting 98% children and adolescents to become dry within 6-8 weeks in a positive and manageable way. Children and adolescents report feeling more confident and parents report a significant reduction in stress and anxiety, as well as less washing of bed linen.

Our program supports (encourages) kids to develop healthy habits to remain dry. We support them to understand how normal this condition is, and to build motivation to take control of their progress through the program. Our practitioners will meet with you to discuss the program and the use of the alarm. You meet with us once at the beginning and then have regular check-in’s over the phone or skype to ensure that progress is maintained. The initial program goes for 6-8 weeks after which most children are dry. In some cases (up to 2%), prolonged bedwetting can occur and require some additional time to resolve.

Leigh Morgan Bed Wetting Program

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Leigh Morgan Bed Wetting

It is important to ensure that the child is ready to use the program, that all medical explanations are ruled out (such as constipation – which can exacerbate bedwetting) before the program begins. Ensure that adequate time before a school camp or other stressful activity is allowed, to reduce the stress and allow for success.


We use the Ramsey Coote Alarms which have a high success rate and research evidence to support the program. 

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