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Leigh Morgan Behaviour Therapy

Behaviour Therapy

All behaviour occurs for a reason. Very often children (or adults with behavioural difficulties) can behave in disruptive ways. This can be very difficult for the family and for the children themselves.


We aim to first build a culture of understanding around the child or person so that their needs can be adequately understood. This can be in consultation with carers, parents, teachers and anyone else who interacts with the child


We then create a functional behaviour assessment to understand why the behaviours are present. Finally, we create a comprehensive plan to change the behaviours of concern with training and support to effectively implement the plan.  ​

Our approach can include Contemporary Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). ABA is an effective teaching method that supports learning by using effective instruction methods, and consistent and appropriate feedback. ABA has strong research evidence and can be used in a variety of settings, from schooling, workplace, industry and home environments and can also be used with a variety of clinical populations. It can be used effectively to improve a person’s behaviour and quality of life.

ABA is implemented with the person in mind. Most importantly, the person’s access to community, play and interpersonal relationships and daily living skills are supported using ABA.  

Further Information

About ABA


Different philosophies

on ABA 



What is ABA 




Training and Support for parents interested in ABA 

We are strongly committed to a positive experience for children, parents and families. While our treatment approach is goal oriented with supporting data taken at each session, the implementation of the treatment is delivered in the most naturalistic manner possible. It is our intention to deliver the therapy within the context of a strong and supportive relationship with each client.  

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